LiHV – High Voltage Cells Lithium high voltage batteries have a higher nominal and peak cell voltage. LiHV per cell peaks at 4.35 volts where a typical LiPo battery has a peak voltage of 4.20 volts. The nominal voltage of a LiHV battery is 3.8 volts whereas the nominal voltage for a typical LiPo is at 3.7 volts.

Voltage cut off for a LiHV battery pack is the same as a standard LiPo battery pack. The absolute minimum voltage that a cell should get to is 3.2 volts. However, in practice the battery should not be discharged past 80% of its total capacity, Discharging a LiHV further will degrade the lifespan of the pack.

In order to charge a LiHV cell, your charger must have the capability to do so. Not all chargers are capable of charging to 4.35 volts per cell. This is a must in order to receive any benefit from a high voltage Lithium battery pack. Under no circumstance should you ever attempt to charge a standard LiPo battery pack to 4.35v per cell.

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