LiPo Parallel Charging Balance Board

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LiPo Parallel Charging Balance Board

With the LiPo Parallel Charging Balance Board one can charge up to 6 batteries at once, making the process of charging faster and reducing the tedious process of swapping batteries whenever its full.


  1. plug same cell number(ie 2s 3s 4s) batteries and capacity (mah of +/-10% difference) and voltage(discharge).
  2. Leave them plugged in for around 30min without turning the charger on. This will equalize the voltage(discharge) between the batteries.
  3. Calculate the combined C rating for all batteries connected and set charger to charge at not more than 1c. (i.e two 2000mah battery  = 4000mah therefore 4amps of charging current)
  4. remember the lower charge rate (current) the better it is for your battery life cycles.


  •  NEVER use the parallel charger with batteries that are not the same cell number count. Therefore in simple words, only parallel charge 3s batteries with 3s, 4s batteries with 4s batteries and so on and NOT 3s batteries with 2s, 1s or 4s!
  • dont use the parallel charger with batteries of big difference in capacity. 2000mah with 2200mah difference is ok but don’t mix 2000mah with 4000mah for instance. as a rule of thumb 10% +/- is acceptable.
  • check the voltages of all batteries before plugging them into the parallel charge board. IF your battery is known to have any bad cells or is lower than the others make sure they are within +/- 0.2V. Failing to do so will cause overcharging in all other cells in all other batteries! charge state between other batteries can be +/- 10%.
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