Nylon XT90 Connectors Male & Female

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The Nylon XT90 Connectors Male & Female for your power systems

Excellent EC5/bullet connective replacements. Made from
high-temp Nylon and gold plated spring connectors, both
included within the injection mould at the time once forming the
connector. The XT90 connectors ensures a solid high-amp association,
perfect for applications up to and on the far side 90A constant.

The XT90 Connectors offers a decent work, guaranteeing a solid association for
minimal resistance. this implies that a lot of power gets from your
pack to your installation compared to alternative plugs
currently on the market.

No a lot of messing around with heat shrink as these connectors
now accompany a cable cowl that clips into the rear of the
plug guaranteeing your solder joint is totally lined. Don’t
starve your high-amp installation, switch to XT90 connectors

Plug Type: 5mm gold bullet connector
Color: Yellow
Current Handling: 90A+ (constant)

Package Includes:
1 x XT90 Male Connector
1 x XT90 Female Connector

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IMPORTANT: “These aren’t low cost traced XT90 Connectors.
These original Nylon XT90 plugs, factory-made by AMASS, can
handle over 90A current for extended periods while not
exceeding 80DegC due to their higher contact extent.
The plug is additionally less doubtless to deform or soften compared
to traced non-Nylon XT90 plugs.”

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