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The RC Servo Tester

This item is very useful to test you servos  especially If you don’t want to connect your receiver just yet. One can: test the centers, test how far the servo moves or check for stripped gears.

The servo tester unlike the name implies does not only provide the functionality to test servos, but can also be used as a signal generator for your Motors and ESC.
The servo tester has 3 built in functions:

  1. Manual mode: Turning the knob will increase or decrease the signal therefore move the servo in one direction or change the speed for your motor. This can be used to determine motor/ESC latency or delay
  2. Neutral mode: Make the servo will go back to the neutral point
  3. Automatic Mode, Also know as, “window wiper” mode: Make the signal gradually increase to maximum and then gradually decrease to minimum signal.

It allows up to 3 servos/ESCs to be connected at once

Size: 36.5 x 31.0 x 22mm

NOTE: only operate the servo tester with 4.8v to 6v.

Package Includes:
1 x Servo Tester

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